Capturing the Moment

Life is made up of countless unique moments. Some are happy, some are sad. Some special and wonderful moments are joyfully anticipated and planned for, like a wedding, the arrival of a new baby or a highschool graduation. Other moments, though, can arise completely spontaneously — anywhere, anytime, even in your own home. A child’s first steps, a spur-of-the-moment family gathering. A youngster’s unexpected sporting achievement. Even something as simple and everyday as a friendly game of poker around the kitchen table can produce moments that you’ll want to capture forever — the ripple of laughter as the resident joker cracks another pun, or the chorus of appreciation when another batch of snacks comes out of the oven. Good times like these can be just as meaningful and important to record as more formal events. There are lots of ways to capture life’s precious moments; once upon a time we were limited to film photographs, but the advent of new technology has changed all that. There’s no longer any need to lose the moment by running for the camera now that most of us carry a phone capable of taking excellent photographs. With the click of a button or the tap of a screen, it’s now common to record happy moments on video as well. Perhaps the best thing about all these new ways of recording our lives is that it’s much easier to share the moment, too. Email, photo-sharing sites and social media platforms mean that you can bring everyone into the moment, even if they’re thousands of miles away when it happens. A photo snapped at poker game in New York can put a smile on someone’s face in London.